Presentation Description:

Being a business owner is one of your company’s most significant challenges; being a good business owner takes thought, planning, and insight into your employees’ needs, even though they may not know when you are doing it. What is it that separates a “Boss” from a “Leader”? Most of us have never had a mentor, a tutor, or even a formal business education. In this presentation, we will spell out in real-life experiences what difference is better a Boss and a Leader (It may not mean what you think).

Elevator Pitch

So you’re the boss, big deal. Why should I listen and respect you? What have you done to earn it? It sounds like a simple question; if you have given it the proper thought and done the preparation, it’s a simple answer. One you don’t even have to say out loud. Larry will show how to do the work and prep, so you never have to worry about the answer.  Stop being a boss, and become a leader.

Learning Objectives:

Presentation Details:

  1. What is a “Boss” and what do they look like

  2. Defining the different types of bosses and their job description

  3. Define why the “Job Description” of “Boss”  has so little to do with the employees

  4. When it is difficult but necessary to do the dirty-work

Presentation Type:
Presentation Length:

Content Level:


Keynote/Interactive leature
60 minutes interactive leature
(90-120 minutes is recommended)
Larry Heuvelman’s original content
Business Owners and Senior Leadership Team (SLT)
PowerPoint/Keynote, will use templated slides

Desired Outcome:

Your sales process should start by identifying who you want your client to be, does your website? Before you ever met the client; what does it say about you, what message are you sending? Do you ask the potential client how you were referred rather than how did you hear about us? One way tells them how you work (referral), the other says you gather information. We will discuss the impressions you give a client before, during, and after meeting them. We will define your customer service rather than letting your client do it for you. The workshop will cover from (website) the first call through the entire sales process from (website), how to prepare a contract, presentation to the client, and the close. We will also touch on a bit of project mgmt, all part of having a unified process.

Typical Room Setup:

  • Lavalier Mic

  • Theater Seating

  • Projector(s) and Screen(s)

  • Apple DVI Port Adaptor

  • Elevated stage dependent on number of attendees

Unique Setup Request:

  • None Required