Consulting With You Or Your Company

Larry’s commitment to “The Owner Philosophy” is where the client process starts. Based on the assessment through hours of discussion, Larry will map out with you a detailed plan that is achievable and sustainable both professionally and personally.

Most small business owners never think about their life this way, that your business should provide you a return on your investment with a plan for your life. If you are a large corporation (even public), the same thought process applies, what are the business’s goals, and it is not always just money.

The initial conversation is about getting to know each other, the interview if you will. Getting to know and feel comfortable for both of us is a great place to start.

Larry’s first concern is your success. The typical client is stuck in the same cycle and wants to grow; often, you are unsure what their goals are; we will define them based on what you want in your life. We will look at your entire business, your practices, systems, and your people. It helps to get a complete picture before making any suggestions for change or improvement.

I have found the best solution for success is to mentor and support you for an entire year. A year allows me to personally provide continued follow-up to the ongoing challenges that come with making change.


It Is A Process

A very young lady once said to me, change isn’t growth, and she was correct. However, you can’t grow without change. Change is often challenging and sometimes difficult to comprehend and vision. Together, we will break the process into parts that are easy to accept, understand, and manageable to implement while focusing on your ultimate goal. We will define what is appropriate for you and your company.

Typically this process is done over the phone or online meetings; however, in-person or on-site are available. Onsite can be incredibly helpful when assessing your organization’s existing people or physical structures. Initially, we will generally meet once a week for an hour or two. Each meeting will have an agenda, with an inquiring conversation, challenging thoughts, and homework for the next meeting as we develop a plan. We may address your marketing, sales, production, staffing, onboarding, contracts and paperwork (legal), what you are currently charging for your services, people development, leadership and communication skills, as well as other issues within your company.

Your success is my goal, which is why I typically work with my clients for a year, to teach you how to run your company better, not just to answer the question of the moment.