Presentation Description:

This presentation is specifically targeted for business owners, identifying numerous specific issues owners deal with daily; but don’t usually recognize nor address; we will that in this course.

What do you want in your life? The answer to that question is your starting point. This course helps you put the “What” into words and then implement the “Want” into your life and your business. You will leave thinking differently about your life and your business with new specific tools you can implement in your business and life. An always packed presentation; this clean, precise, humorous, and on target event will leave you motivated, eager to share the tools you learn, having already implemented them during the course before you go, and ready to use more when you get home.

Elevator Pitch

“Figure out what you want in your life, and then structure your business to help you accomplish it” This has been Larry’s motto since the early days; he wanted to raise his kids, enjoy his life, and not be a slave to his business, but still make money.

Learning Objectives:

Presentation Details:

  1. Recognize the cycles we as owners repeat and what to change

  2. What are my real goals

  3. How do I structure this in a way that will really work

  4. Saying it is one thing, how do I implement this into my life; Accountability

Presentation Type:
Presentation Length:

Content Level:


Keynote/Interactive lecture
60 minutes interactive lecture
(90-120 minutes is recommended)
Larry Heuvelman’s original content
Business Owners and Senior Leadership Team (SLT)
PowerPoint/Keynote, will use templated slides

Desired Outcome:

We have been since we were kids; What is it you want to do? Even when we think we have that figured out how the best way to do it is often a challenge. On top of that, we are business owners, so we tend to work a lot, probably too much. So what happens to the reasons we wanted to become business owners? It can be defined, structured, and fixed!

Typical Room Setup:

  • Lavalier Mic

  • Theater Seating

  • Projector(s) and Screen(s)

  • Apple DVI Port Adaptor

  • Elevated stage dependent on number of attendees

Unique Setup Request:

  • Three of the large writing pads on easels with a package of color markers

  • For larger groups, Larry will use his laptop or an iPad Pro and stylist if available

    (the iPad Pro allows beter interaction with attendees/Wifi sync req.)